Instructions for the UDisclose System

The new UDisclose is an upgraded system that allows users to disclose all interests, not just conflicts of interests, and enables the quick and thorough review and management of conflicts throughout the institution. It is no longer isolated to research, as stated in the expanded COI policy, and is leveraged by Research Compliance, UHealth Compliance, and Audit and Advisory Services for review and determinations.

Additionally, it is a one stop shop for faculty and staff as it is integrated with IBISResearch and will be integrated with the eProst System by the end of 2022.

The policy articulates that all Covered Persons, on an annual basis, must:

  • complete training, and
  • complete a Disclosure Profile to disclose interests to UM, such as:
    • Outside interests (including fiduciary responsibilities)
    • Receipt of non-UM other support
    • Foreign affiliations/income/support
    • Non-UM Scholarly Activities (e.g., teaching & research)
    • Non-UM “C”-suite positions and fiduciary responsibilities
    • Financial interests of spouse and dependent
    • children related to UM responsibilities, and with
    • entities that do, or propose to do business with UM
  • Has separate UHealth and Scholarly Activities sections

Covered Persons, inclusive of a broad spectrum of the UM community, are required to access the UDisclose System to submit their Disclosure Profile (disclose their interests) and complete required training on an annual basis. After the initial disclosure, new and changed interests are entered/updated within thirty (30) days.

A Disclosure Profile is the focal point of the UDisclose System. It provides a summary of discloser's interest and everything that was disclosed previously.

A Proxy is a person who is authorized to act for a Covered Person.

A Pre-Approval Request (when used by a school/college/department) allows you to submit a request to participate in certain non-UM activities, which is then reviewed by the appropriate individual before making a determination.

The UDisclose System is accessible via the website at

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If you have questions on how to use the UDisclose System, please call DSAM at the UDisclose System help line at (305) 243-0877.