research intelligence and capacity research intelligence and capacity

Research Intelligence & Capacity

This specialized team supports the University of Miami community by providing systems, facilities and resources to facilitate the conduct and administration of research, including:

  • Providing process improvement assistance for research administration and related areas
  • Configuring research application infrastructure to support administrative operations
  • Capturing process and information requirements from end-users and stakeholders
  • Developing training materials and end-user training on deployed functionality
  • Offering end-user support as needed
  • Tracking outcomes to improvement efforts
  • Maintaining quality assurance and data integrity

 The Research IT unit is responsible for:

  • Strategic planning, involving technology to achieve research enterprise goals
  • Process/Systems Analysis, Requirements Gathering, and Technology Evaluation
  • Information management including optimization of the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information
  • Research and Clinical Informatics
  • Software Development, Maintenance, Configuration, Documentation, QA, and Testing
  • Research system-to-system interfacing, integration, and workflows
  • End-user support

Supported Systems

Reports & Data

Sponsored Programs Annual Reports, the Research Reporting System (RRS), and the PI Portal

IBIS Research

IBISResearch is the University of Miami's Grants and Agreements management system. 

Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC)

The ECC system (formerly ECRT) is designed to help comply with the provisions of the University of Miami's Effort Reporting policy, federal policy and other relevant agency policies that govern charging an individual's effort to sponsored projects.