The Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship oversees a variety of resources for researchers at the University of Miami. These resources include training, funding, core facilities, information technology, software applications, and how to commercialize your research.

OVPRS offers training opportunities to the University research community. Please view the events calendar for upcoming classes and check this page regularly to explore additional training materials. Registration for upcoming training events is through ULearn.

The University provides access to global databases for research administration and funding opportunities. The Office of the Vice Provost for Research & Scholarship also collects proposals for limited submissions and offers grant-writing support.

A number of core facilities developed at the University of Miami are available to researchers and trainees. These resources allow centralized access to specialized equipment and services, providing cutting-edge technologies, reagents, and special products needed to conduct high-quality, interdisciplinary research in a cost-effective way.

The University of Miami has a variety of technological resources available to assist researchers. Each resource is overseen by the department or office best suited to manage the resource throughout the University.

Ensuring the safety of your research participants and data security is crucial to ethical research practice. The university offers a variety of applications to support the needs of researchers.

Opportunities to share your work with private entities, foundations and the general public enhance your reputation as a researcher, make the University stand out as a research and scholarship powerhouse, and help the technologies and innovations we develop become financially viable.