Units and Offices

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship consists of over 250 professionals with expertise in guiding faculty, staff, and learners through the entire research lifecycle, from project conception and grant submission to sharing your results with the world and creating commercial opportunities. 

The 11 schools and colleges at the University of Miami serve as a model for scholarly and artistic endeavors, and for integrated and interdisciplinary research that translates into innovative and actionable solutions.

We are connectors, grant writers, proposal gurus, financial analysts, compliance experts, animal caretakers, software developers, project managers, negotiators, and more. We work together to ensure the University of Miami reaches its greatest potential on a Roadmap to Our New Century.

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The Division of Veterinary Resources (DVR) is the unit responsible for the oversight and implementation of the animal care and use program. The DVR mission is to advance knowledge and improve the health and well-being of humans and animals through high quality research and teaching.

The Privacy Office team acts as one of the institution’s gatekeepers of clinical data; oversees the proper use, disclosure, storage and access to clinical biological data for research and healthcare operations; and, protects the privacy of UM’s research participants.

Research Administration teams are responsible for grant and gift applications and management, the negotiation of contracts, and financial oversight of sponsored projects. These teams help researchers and scholars submit proposals and conduct research.

Several offices under the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship are dedicated to ensuring the integrity, safety and compliance of the sponsored programs we undertake. These professionals have a deep knowledge of regulatory requirements and know how to ensure that the end product of your work meets the highest ethical standards.

Research Development and Education teams are dedicated to matching researchers and scholars with funding, collaborators, and all the tools they need to succeed. Providing resources like the Research Compass and the Research Navigator, the Research and Development team facilitates research for the UM community. 

The Research Operations and Infrastructure team provides support on clinical trial research, research administration systems, and research reporting. The units include Research Intellegency and Capacity, Clinical Research Management and Support and Research Compliance, and Quality Assurance.