Data Broker Services

The mission of Data Broker Services is to provide a centralized, standardized review of all requests for clinical data at the University and its health system. Data is increasingly the lifeblood of the organization and must flow to meet its needs. In an increasingly complex regulatory environment with concerns over information privacy and security, the flows of data, particularly identifiable and other sensitive data, must be balanced against compliance, security and regulatory risk. Data Broker Services act as an essential component of our overall data protection strategy, while facilitating the institution’s overall goals for delivering innovative education, high quality healthcare, transforming patient care through research and educating the next generation of leaders.

The data broker program serves as an independent intermediary between the clinical enterprise and requesters of clinical data, primarily the Research Community, but also increasingly facilitates Business/Finance decision-making, Healthcare Operations, Quality Improvement and other business needs for the University/UHealth/Miller School of Medicine. Data flows and analytics are essential for strategic planning at the University, UHealth and major facility levels, as well as tactically for clinical departments and related business units. We seek to enhance our overall competitive position as a leading research university, academic medical center and as the leading provider of healthcare services in South Florida, regionally and hemispherically.

Requesting Clinical Data

The principal way to submit a Clinical Data request to the Data Broker group is via the  UHealth IT ServiceNow PortalThe only exception is for Research-related Consent to Contact lists via REDCap application. Please see Consent to Contact in the left navigation pane, for more information on that option.

Use the Data Broker Services (Clinical) Request form under “Employee Center” – “Data Extract or Reports” available on the UHealth IT Service Now Portal Catalog Filters. 

You will be prompted to log in through Single Sign-On page (DUO dual-factor authentication) before being presented with the Service Now screen.

  • Required fields have an *.
  • You must accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the box.
  • Attach any documents by using the paperclip icon available at the bottom of the form.
  • Scroll up and submit your request. Note: If you did not complete one of the required fields you will see a pop-up listing all missing required fields.
  • Click “OK” and the required fields will display with a red *.
  • Click on “Submit Order” and an Order Status page with ticket number will display
  • For more information on how to submit specific requests, please refer to the Guide to the Data Broker Services Request form.
  • Click on My Order and Tickets to check the status of your request

What to Include in a Clinical Data Request

Open All Tabs
  • Request for Research

    • Ensure:
      • Study is IRB approved and active
      • Recipient of data is on study team
      • Requested criteria match protocol
      • Requested fields match protocol
    • Provide IRB IBISResearch study number
    • Provide Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
    • List fields/columns to include in the data output

  • Request for Preparatory to Research

    • Ensure Investigator’s Certification for Reviews Preparatory to Research form (Form E) is submitted to IRB
    • Attach copy of completed form
    • Provide Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
    • List fields/columns to include in the data output

  • Request related to Healthcare Operations

    • Briefly explain reason the data is needed
    • Provide contact information for administrator authorizing this request
    • Provide Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
    • List fields/columns to include in the data output

  • General guidelines for requests

    • Reason for data request
    • Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria to select the appropriate population
      • These criteria could include: dates of service, ICD diagnosis codes, CPT procedure codes, provider, patient gender, patient age, service location, etc.
      • Note: Data from December 1, 2010 onwards is available from UChart
      • For Medical Chart data prior to December 1, 2010, a separate request will need to be submitted. Data fulfillment is completed by the third party vendor
    • Fields/columns to include in the data output

Services and Resources

Patient Contact Lists & Other Common Requests

Patient contact lists for outreach purposes, access to Epic cubes for billing, case logs for credentialing, workbench data reviews, data transfers, dashboard publications

Data Handling Guidelines

Best practices for adequately safeguarding and securing sensitive or confidential information.

Contact and Additional Resources