Administrative Areas

Research Operations & Infrastructure

Research Operations and Infrastructure provides support to the University research community on clinical trial research, research administration systems support and research reporting. The units include: Research Intellegency and Capacity, Clinical Research Management and Support and Research Compliance and Quality Assurance.  

Regulatory Affairs & Assessment

Several offices under the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship are dedicated to ensuring the integrity, safety and compliance of the sponsored programs we undertake. These professionals have a deep knowledge of regulatory requirements and know how to ensure that the end product of your work meets the utmost standards.

Research Development & Evaluation

Teams dedicated to connecting investigators with funding and with each other. They oversee the application and selection process for internal awards like U-LINK and the Provost’s Research Awards. They also provide help with grant writing and consultations with experts.

Research Administration

The Research Administration team under the Office of the Vice Provost for Research includes professionals with vast combined experience in submitting successful award applications. The teams include specialists grouped by academic discipline and expertise.