Conflict of Interest

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The increasing involvement of academic researchers, research teams and educators with industry and private entrepreneurial ventures has raised the potential for conflict of interest.

These conflicts arise from an individual’s opportunities to benefit financially from the outcome of his/her research or other activities conducted as a University researcher, educator, or as part of a University research team.

In order to comply with the University of Miami's conflict of interest (COI) and foreign influence (FI) policy, all Covered persons are required to complete the following components.

Review and attest your understanding of UM’s annual training on Conflicts of Interest (COIs) and Foreign Influence (FI) that describes the nature of COI's and the University’s specific COI updated policy and procedures.

Disclose their interests to UM. Each Investigator must disclose activities and financial interests related to his/her institutional responsibilities through the UDisclose System. Our UDisclose webpage contains additional information and answers to frequently asked questions to help users maneuver through the system.

University Policies & Resources


The University of Miami COI/FI policy is designed to promote objectivity in scholarly activities . By requiring the review of disclosures of interests made by our investigators (faculty, trainees, students, staff and subcontractors) relating to their institutional responsibilities, the policy establishes standards that provide a reasonable expectation that the design, conduct, and reporting of such activities will be free from bias resulting from individual financial and obligatory conflicts of interest.

Disclosures & Scholarly Activities Management

The role of the Disclosures & Scholarly Activities Management (DSAM) and the UM COI Committee (COIC) is to determine whether an investigator’s relationship with an external entity creates a situation that could introduce bias into a research project conducted at UM or by UM investigators, and, where this occurs, to manage it. Click the resources links below to see examples of relationships that the COIC may consider as a potential COI, and a description of components that, based on the nature of the COI, describes stipulations that could be included in COI management plans in order to mitigate the COI.

COI Resources

Contacts and Additional Resources

Under the purview of the Vice Provost for Research+ Scholarship, Disclosures & Scholarly Activities Management (DSAM) provides administrative support for the University of Miami COI Committee, as well as management of the UDisclose System.

If you have specific questions or would like to arrange a presentation for your group on UM’s COI/FI policy and disclosure review process, please contact Dr. Lory Hayes, Director of DSAM, or call the UDisclose System helpline (305-243-0877).