Research Development and Evaluation

Teams dedicated to connecting investigators with funding and with each other. They oversee the application and selection process for internal awards like U-LINK and the Provost’s Research Awards. They also provide noticies of funding opportunities and can connect you with experts on grantwriting. 


The world’s most compelling and difficult problems are complex. Addressing the challenges of climate change, for example, requires thinking about weather patterns, relationship of disease and environment/diet, coastal architecture, energy use, city planning, human communication, the role of truth in media, international relations, big data and many other fields.

Provost's Research Awards

Internal funding programs designed to foster excellence in research and creative scholarship at the University of Miami. The Provost’s Research Awards provide both salary support and support for direct research costs.

arts & humanities fellowships

The Fellowship in the Arts & Humanities was established to support faculty with the ultimate goal of elevating both individual faculty careers and the University's scholarly reputation. It provides support for the startup of new projects as well as for advancement of existing projects.


Finding resources & opportunities

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