Research Compass

Research Compass Research Compass

The Research Compass is a dynamic new tool designed to guide you to the resources you need to make research and scholarship happen here at the University of Miami.

It is organized around the stages of the research project lifecycle, from initiating your research program by setting up the right access and completing required training, then moving on to finding collaborators and funding, developing extramural funding proposals, implementing a research project, disseminating findings through various channels, and engaging and learning – only to start the process again.

There are two options for viewing the Research Compass:

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The Research Compass was developed jointly between the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship and the Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute, with input and support from numerous units throughout the University. We would like to especially acknowledge the hard work of the Distance Learning Institute (DLI)/University of Miami Division of Continuing & International Education in this endeavor.