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The University of Miami is home to the brightest faculty, researchers, and scholars whose prolific endeavors are achieving the University’s hemispheric mission. Our commitment to acting responsibly and transparently in all our interactions both domestically and abroad helps to maintain and protect our established ethical and trustworthy environment and reputation with internal and external stakeholders. 

UM’s new “Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, Foreign Influence, and Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy” was approved by the UM Faculty Senate and Board of Trustees that addresses institutional vulnerabilities with attention to Conflict of Interest and Foreign InfluenceRead the communication from UM's leadership regarding the NEW UDisclose system and the policy. 

In order to support our commitment to transparency while minimizing associated administrative burden, the University has invested in a robust, university-wide system enabling quick and thorough review and management of conflicts throughout the institution, including those that might introduce detrimental foreign impacts.

Disclosures & Scholarly Activities Management

The role of Disclosures & Scholarly Activities Management (DSAM, formerly the DRM) and the UM COI Committee (COIC) is to determine whether an investigator’s relationship with an external entity creates a situation that could introduce bias into the scholarly activities conducted at UM or by UM investigators, and, where this occurs, to manage it. Click the "COI Guidelines" link on the left to see examples of relationships that the COIC may consider as a potential COI, and a description of components that, based on the nature of the COI, describes stipulations that could be included in COI management plans in order to mitigate the COI.

Get Help

UDisclose Training Resources including videos, guides, tip sheets and more.

For questions on how to use the UDisclose System (such as what to disclose, the COI policy, etc.): Disclosures and Scholarly Activities Management (DSAM) via DSAM@miami.edu, or (305) 243-0877.

For technical support with the UDisclose System: Research Intelligence and Capacity (RIC) IT help desk via OVPRShelpdesk@miami.edu, or (305) 243-2314.

For other questions or comments about the UDisclose System, please feel free to submit an entry via our question box here.