University Research Council

The Research Council was chartered by the administration and faculty government to foster, encourage and promote research by members of the faculty and students. Specific policy recommendations are referred to the Executive Vice President and Provost. The functions of the Council fall within four categories:

  • Research Policy. The Council is responsible for the development and review of the University's policy on sponsored programs which exists to assure the orderly conduct and growth of research and other sponsored activities within the framework of the educational objectives of the University.
  • Research Planning. It is a function of the Council to guide the development and growth of research activities through its advisory role to the Faculty Senate.
  • Allocation of Funds. When requested, the Council assists in providing equitable distribution of funds for the support of research when such funds are made available from University resources or, in certain cases, from extramural grants to the institution as a whole.
  • Communication. The Council is responsible for bringing to the attention of the various other functional units of both the faculty and the administration any matters that properly concern the faculty engaged in research activity.

The Research Council has five committees aligned with Research Strategic Plan goals, as listed below. Find Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs and VPRS Staff Liaisons at the top of each list.

Policy & Process Commitee

Kathleen Sullivan Sealey


(305) 284-3013
My research over four decades has been governed by the laws of thermodynamics –specifically the balance and transformations of matter and energy.  My experiences have grown into three current major research areas for the past decade: a) Coastal Restoration Ecology, b) Coastal ecosystem services and c) Small Island development...

Tonya Sautier

Sr. Business Officer, Finance and Administration

(305) 243-7808
As Senior Business Officer for the Office of the Vice Provost for Research + Scholarship, Tonya Sautier leads all aspects of budget, finance, human resources, operations, administration, and special projects for the organization. She serves as the principal liaison between the Vice Provost and University administration, departmental...

Soyeon Ahn


(305) 284-1316
Soyeon Ahn received her Ph.D. in Measurement and Quantitative Methods in the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education at Michigan State University in 2008. She joined the EPS faculty in August, 2008. Ahn’s current research focuses on the application of the existing data analytic techniques in resolving the...

Roberta Brambilla

Associate Professor

(305) 243-3567

Sonia R. Chao

Research Assoc. Professor

(786) 200-4604
Associate Dean of Research, U-SoACo-Director, Master of Professional Science in Urban Sustainability and ResilienceFaculty Research Fellow on Climate, Environment and Resilience, UMIASecondary Appointment, College of Engineering Sonia Chao writes and teaches in the area of sustainable architecture and urbanism, resilient design, and...

Amy C Clement


(305) 421-4846
Dr.  Amy Clement earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Columbia College, and Ph.D. from the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Columbia University, where she studied climate dynamics on multiple timescales, from the glacial period to future climate change. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the University...

Victoria Orrego Dunleavy

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-3052

Jill Ehrenreich-May, Ph.D.

Associate Chair, Department of Psychology
Director, Child and Adolescent Mood and Anxiety Treatment Program

(305) 284-6476
Dr. Jill Ehrenreich-May is a Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami. Dr. Ehrenreich-May's research is concerned with the development and evaluation of transdiagnostic programs for youth presenting with or at risk for anxiety, depression and related concerns. She...

Mousumi Ghosh

Research Asst. Professor

(305) 243-9968

Uzma Khan

Assoc. Professor

Uzma Khan is associate professor of marketing at University of Miami. Khan is an expert on consumer behavior, marketing management, and decision-making. Her research focuses on goals and motivation, sequential decision-making, self-control, risk perception, and choice architecture. Her work has been published in top journals including Journal of...

Sandra M Merscher

Research Associate Professor

(305) 243-6567

Sam Purkis

and Chair of the Department of Marine Geosciences

(305) 421-4351
At a young age I was fortunate enough to stumble on a copy of Jacques Cousteau’s 1953 book “The Silent World”, which piqued my interest in everything underwater. Shortly thereafter, I saw his movie of the same name. I was hooked. At the earliest possible opportunity I learnt to SCUBA dive, becoming a diving...

Pablo Rueda Saiz

Associate Professor of Law

(305) 284-5401
The primary interests of Professor Rueda-Saiz include international and comparative constitutional law, law and society, social movements, armed conflict, and globalization. He has taught law at the University of Wisconsin, at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, and at the Universities of El Rosario and Los Andes in Colombia. He...

Scott E. Sundby

Professor of Law
Dean's Distinguished Scholar

(305) 284-5848
Scott Sundby teaches a variety of courses in the criminal law and procedure area. After clerking for Judge Phyllis Kravitch of the Eleventh Circuit, he began his teaching career at Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. He later moved to Washington & Lee Law School where he was the Sydney and Frances Lewis Professor of Law. While at...

Liyong Wang

Research Associate Professor

(305) 243-2377

Ashli C White

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-5005
Ashli White earned a BA from the University of Virginia, an MA from the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture, and a Ph.D. from Columbia University.  She specializes in early American history, with particular attention to the connections between North America and the Atlantic World.  To date, most of her research has...

Shu Wu

Professor of Clinical

(305) 585-6408

Research-Enabling Services Committee

Cynthia Nicole Lebron

Asst. Professor

(305) 243-4146

Sheela Celeste Dominguez

Executive Director, Strategic Operations

(305) 243-9051
As Executive Director for Strategic Operations and co-administrator of the Miami Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), Sheela leads reporting, evaluation, finance, project management, and programmatic activities. She serves as the primary liaison between the CTSI with the Office of the Vice Provost for Research + Scholarship,...

Elizabeth A Babcock


(305) 421-4852
Position and Research Expertise Beth Babcock is a Professor of Marine Biology and Ecology at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. She is an expert on fish population dynamics, quantitative ecology and fisheries management. Teaching and Mentoring Babcock teaches graduate course on...

Germane Barnes

Asst. Professor

(305) 284-3731
Barnes’ research and design practice investigates the connection between architecture and identity. Mining architecture’s social and political agency, he examines how the built environment influences black domesticity. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Community Housing Identity Lab (CHIL) at the...

Nicholas Carcioppolo

Associate Professor

(305) 284-5633

Sapna K. Deo


(305) 243-4421

Caleb D Everett

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

(305) 284-2535
Caleb's research examines language and its interaction with nonlinguistic cognition, culture, and the environment. For more information and a more complete list of Caleb's publications, visit his personal site.

Mohamed Iskandarani


(305) 421-4045
Mohamed Iskandarani is a Professor of Oceanography in the Department of Ocean Sciences at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. He also holds an adjunct faculty position in the department of Computer Science. His expertise revolves around the development of new computational methods and their...

Suhrud M Rajguru


(305) 243-7946
Suhrud Rajguru, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Otolaryngology at the University of Miami and a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Restor-Ear Devices, LLC ( He completed his undergraduate studies in Mumbai, India prior to pursuing doctoral studies at the...

Thilani Samarakoon

Librarian Asst. Professor

Andres Sawicki

Professor of Law
Director, Business of Innovation, Law, & Technology (BILT) Concentration

(305) 284-8447
Andres Sawicki is a Professor of Law and Director of the Business of Innovation, Law, and Technology Concentration (BILT) and teaches in the area of intellectual property. His primary research projects explore the extent to which IP can help solve problems in the production of inventions and expressive works. He is...

Brian J Soden

Associate Dean, Master of Professional Science
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

(305) 421-4202
Position and Research Expertise Brian Soden is a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. He specializes in the use of satellite observations to test and improve computer simulations of Earth's climate. His areas of interest include understanding climate...

Hugh M Thomas


(305) 284-1556
Professor Thomas received his B.A. from Yale University in 1982 and stayed on there for his Ph.D., which he received in 1988. He specializes in the history of Medieval Europe and of England. His first book, Vassals, Crusaders, Heiresses, and Thugs: The Gentry of Angevin Yorkshire, was published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in...

Marjana Tomic Canic


(305) 243-4940

Diversity Committee

Olena Antonaccio

Director of Criminology and Criminal Justice MS/Certificate Program

(305) 284-2075
Olena Antonaccio is a professor at the Department of Sociology and Criminology. Her areas of specialty are crime, social control, and sociological theory. Her research interests include empirical tests and the development of theories of crime and victimization and their application to various problem areas such as cybersecurity, particularly...

Denise Christina Vidot

Associate Professor

(305) 284-5740

Zinzi Diana Bailey

Research Asst. Professor

(305) 243-9478

Bridget Christine Arce

Associate Professor

(305) 284-5585

Kelsa Bartley

Librarian Asst. Professor

(305) 243-5530

Laura Bianchi


(305) 243-1887

Jomills Henry Braddock, II


(305) 284-6113

Donna Kay Coker

Professor of Law
Social Justice/Public Interest Concentration Affiliated Faculty

(305) 284-3041
Professor Donna Coker teaches Evidence; Substantive Criminal Law; Gender Violence and Social Justice; Social Justice Lawyering; Restorative Justice and Law; Mass Incarceration: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies; and Criminal Justice Policy Reform. She has twice received a Provost’s Research Award (2017, 2021). Students awarded her the...

Donette Francis

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-5608
Donette Francis is co-director for the Center for Global Black Studies and past director the American Studies Program at the University of Miami. An Associate Professor of English and founding member of the Hemispheric Caribbean Studies Collective, her research and writing investigate place, aesthetics and cultural politics in the African...

Sophia George

Assoc. Professor

(305) 243-2036

Martin Grosell


(305) 421-4623
Martin Grosell, PhD is the lead PI and director of the GoMRI funded research consortium RECOVER ( Dr. Grosell is a Maytag professor of ichthyology with specialty in environmental physiology and toxicology at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS) in the...

Christina Lane


(305) 284-3657

Sammi Yu Tang

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-2810
Sammi Tang is Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at University of Miami Herbert Business School. Her research addresses issues related to managing supply chain risks using operational measures such as inventory, supplier diversification, and operational flexibility, as well as using financial measures...

Charlotte Von Moos

Asst. Professor

Charlotte von Moos is a practicing architect and researcher. Together with Florian Sauter, she is the cofounder of the architectural practice Sauter von Moos based in Basel, Switzerland, and Miami. The studio engages in work on all scales, both in theory and practice. Von Moos holds a Master degree from the Federal Institute of Zurich, where she...

Qingda Yang

Professor & Interim Chair
Interim Chair & Graduate Director

(305) 284-3221
Dr. Yang's research has focused mainly on developing multi-scale methodologies that can lead to realistic virtual testing and designing of complex heterogeneous materials and structures. My research has been funded by federal agencies such as NSF, NASA, AFOSR, ARO, NAVY, and DARPA , and industrial companies including Teledyne and Boeing. I...

Cores & Facilities Committee

George S. Grills

Associate Director, SCCC Shared Resources

(617) 721-9343

Laura B. Kozma

Assoc. VP, Research Administration

(305) 284-3965
Laura Kozma, Associate Vice President for Research Administration, provides leadership for sponsored administration which includes proposal review and approval, contract negotiations, award management and compliance monitoring, and serves as audit liaison for the Institution for sponsored awards. In this same capacity, she is also responsible...

Lisa Baker

Librarian Associate Professor

(305) 284-2092

Shaun P. Brothers

Associate Professor

(305) 243-6113

Brian K Haus


(305) 421-4932
Experimental studies of coastal ocean surface currents for application to oil spill transport prediction and response (CARTHE); radar remote sensing of oceanographic processes from satellites in collaboration with CSTARS and from coastal radars (; shelf and inlet dynamics; wave-current interactions;...

Daniel Gerard Isom

Asst. Professor

(305) 243-1508

Jae Lee


(305) 243-2646

Guoqing Lin


(305) 421-4150
Earthquake relocation, seismic velocity and attenuation tomography, volcano seismology, subduction earthquakes, and spatial/temporal variations of seismic properties.

Eden R Martin


(305) 243-2372

Armando J Mendez, Ph.D.

Research Assoc. Professor

(305) 243-5342

Carlos T Moraes, Ph.D.


(305) 243-5858

Arlette C. Perry


(305) 284-3024
Arlette Perry joined the University of Miami faculty and became Director of the Laboratory of Clinical and Applied Physiology (formerly known as Human Performance and Research Laboratory) in 1981. She is currently the chair of the Kinesiology and Sport Sciences Department. Perry holds a secondary appointment in the School of Medicine’s...

Michael C. Schmale

Associate Dean for Infrastructure

(305) 421-4140
Associate Dean for Infrastructure diseases of marine organisms, carcinogenesis

Interdisciplinarity Committee

Kiara R Timpano, Ph.D.

Director, Adult Division, Department of Psychology

(305) 284-1592

Eleonore Beurel


(305) 243-0263

Jaswinder Bolina

Associate Professor

(305) 284-2113
Personal Site Jaswinder Bolina is author of Phantom Camera (Green Rose Prize, New Issues Press and Hachette 2013) and Carrier Wave (Colorado Prize, Center for Literary Publishing, Colorado State University 2007). His poems have appeared widely in national and international literary journals and in...

Berit Brogaard

Cooper Fellow
Director of the Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research

(305) 877-7353
Berit “Brit” Brogaard is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Brogaard Lab. Her areas of research include philosophy of perception, philosophy of emotions, and philosophy of language. She is the author of Transient Truths (Oxford University Press, 2012), On Romantic Love (Oxford University Press, 2015), The Superhuman...

Alejandro Caicedo, Ph.D.


(305) 243-6025

Mary Beth Calhoon

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-4961
Mary Beth Calhoon, Ph.D., received her doctorate in Special Education from the Peabody College, Vanderbilt University in 1999. She is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Miami.Her primary area of expertise focuses on literacy, mathematics, peer-tutoring, and Date-Based...

Cecily D Cooper

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-8585
Cecily Cooper joined the Miami Herbert Business School in 2003 and teaches courses related to Organizational Behavior and Leadership. Her research interests include humor, trust, trust repair, and political ideology. Dr. Cooper’s research has been published in many leading Management journals including Academy of Management Review,...

Jennifer L Ferriss-Hill

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and College Diversity

(305) 284-4036
Jennifer Ferriss-Hill received her A.B. in Classics summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton University (2002) and her Ph.D. in Classical Philology from Harvard University (2008). She joined the University of Miami in 2009 as an Assistant Professor of Classics, was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2015,...

Jorge Hernandez


(305) 284-2278
Jorge L. Hernandez, received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami in 1980 and a Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia in 1985. He then worked for Eisenman Roberton Architects and taught at The University of Virginia. In 1987 he joined the faculty of the University of Miami and established his firm. His work...

Alan Oscar Johnson


(305) 284-1567
Quote Students receive the highest caliber of training and the broadest range of experiential opportunities at the Frost School of Music. The faculty ranks with the best in the world and know what it takes to prepare and guide their students for meaningful careers in life, music, and the arts. Biography Alan Johnson is a Professor in the...

Benjamin Kirtman


(305) 421-4046
Position and Research Expertise Ben Kirtman is a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. He uses atmosphere-ocean general circulation models to study the predictability and variability of the Earth’s climate system. Teaching and Mentoring Kirtman...

Tamara R Lave

Professor of Law

(305) 284-1899
After graduating from Stanford Law School, Professor Lave was a deputy public defender for ten years in San Diego, California. As a P.D., she handled a variety of cases including possession of a spiny lobster out of season, torture, child molestation, rape, and murder. She also represented accused sexually violent predators in civil commitment...

Teresa L Lesiuk

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-3650
Teresa Lesiuk, Ph.D., is associate professor and program director for the Music Therapy program at the University of Miami Frost School of Music. She is a board-certified music therapist and a member of the American Music Therapy Association and the Southeastern Region of the AMTA. She is also the North American representative of the Education...

Diego Lirman

Assoc. Professor

(305) 421-4168
Diego Lirman currently works at the Department of Marine Biology & Ecology, University of Miami. Diego does research in Phycology, Marine Biology and Ecology. Their current project is 'Rescue A Reef Citizen Science Program.

M Danielle McDonald

Associate Dean of Research

(305) 421-4856
Danielle McDonald is a Professor of Marine Biology and Ecology at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS). She is an expert in fish physiology and behavior with a focus on how physiology and behavior may change during times of environmental stress such as social stress, pollution...

Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos

Asst. Professor

(305) 284-3489
Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the University of Miami’s College of Engineering. He is an expert in structural morphology, which investigates the relationship between structures, as well as their form, function, material and forces. He...