Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) site offers web-based training in multiple areas of research compliance and ethics.

CITI Program’s site includes courses in:

  • animal subjects research
  • human subjects research
  • responsible conduct of research
  • biosafety and biosecurity
  • export control
  • information privacy and security

CITI Program and ULearn are the two principal web platforms for online training courses at the University. CITI Program can now be accessed by University of Miami affiliates using their CaneID and password, in a process called “Single Sign On”.

Access via the University of Miami Single Sign On is intended ONLY for University of Miami affiliates with valid CaneIDs. All others should go to for login.



  • Click on the “Login to CITI Program Using CaneID” button below
  • The CaneID Authentication Service page will appear
  • Enter your CaneID and Password and click on the “Sign In” button
  • If you have forgotten your CaneID or Password, use the “Forgot…” links
  • If this is the first time you have ever logged into CITI Program, a new CITI Program account is created for you.
  • If you already have a CITI Program account, but have not previously used it for UM-related work, a new “affiliation” is created.
  • If you already have a CITI Program account as a UM affiliate, the system will use your C-number to match you to that account.
  • If you do not see the course you need, click on “Add or Update Learner Groups” in the University of Miami / Jackson Health System section of your CITI Program gradebook. This link is in the ‘My Learner Tools’ section of the gradebook.
Login to CITI Program Using CaneID

Contact Numbers for Assistance

University Information Technology Help Line: (305) 284-6565 or (305) 243-5999 for general technical assistance with UM computer and network resources.

CITI Program Help Desk: (305) 243-7970 for assistance with using the CITI Program website.

University of Miami affiliates: For questions about required CITI Program training for University of Miami affiliates, please contact the organization related to your topic of study: