Provost's Research Awards


Provost's Research Awards 2015

Internal funding programs are designed to foster excellence in research and creative scholarship at the University of Miami. The Provost’s Research Awards provide both salary support and support for direct research costs.
Internal Awards for Coral Gables and RSMAS Faculty

The awards are classified into three categories based on discipline: the Max Orovitz Research Awards in the Arts and Humanities, the James W. McLamore Research Awards in Business and the Social Sciences, and the Research Awards in the Natural Sciences and Engineering.

2022 Highlights


2022 Awardees

Investigator Department  School Project Title 
Marysol Quevedo Musicology FROST School of Music Cuban Music Counterpoints: Classical Music Networks Before and During the Cold War
Ivan Albreht Art & Art History College of Arts & Sciences Hybrid practice: tactile and virtual approach to clay

Investigator Department School Proposal Title Co-Investigator(s)
Diana Falsetta Accounting Miami Herbert Business School Do Informant Mechanisms Facilitate Tax Compliance?
George Korniotis Finance Miami Herbert Business School Grit, Loss Aversion, and Investor Behavior
Masoud Kamalahmadi Management Science Miami Herbert Business School Optimal Design of Telehealth and Office Visits in an Ambulatory Care Setting Christos Zacharias, Management Science

Howard Gitlow, Management Science
Xin Geng Management Miami Herbert Business School Personalized Pricing with Strategic Consumers

Investigator Department School   Proposal Title
Aaron Tindall Instrumental Performance FROST School of Music "At the Ballet" a premiere recording of the orchestral tuba
Brian Lynch Studio Music & Jazz FROST School of Music An Integrated Method For Jazz Trumpet Instruction With Immersive And Interactive Capabilities
Brian Powell Instrumental Performance FROST School of Music The Pulcinella Project: A Double Bass Album Featuring Stravinsky's Sources and Works Associated with the Music of "Pulcinella"
Carlos Abril Music Education & Music Therapy FROST School of Music Tuning In: Marginalized Voices in Music Education
Gema Perez Sanchez Modern Languages & Literatures College of Arts & Sciences Transnational Queer Affects and Activism: Literary and Visual Public Interventions in Spanish Culture in the 1970s and 2000s
Kathryn Freeman English College of Arts & Sciences Through the Lens of Phebe Gibbes: Gender, Entitlement, and Anti-Romance in the Long Eighteenth Century
Rebecca Doran Modern Languages & Literatures College of Arts & Sciences Clothing, Identity, and Historical Judgment in Early Medieval China
Stephen Zdzinski Music Education & Music Therapy FROST School of Music Creation of a Research Procedures Textbook, Research Procedures in Music
Tim Watson English College of Arts & Sciences Plant Infrastructure: Miami Gardeners, Colonial and Postcolonial Writers, and the World Wide Wood

Investigator Department School   Proposal Title  Co-Investigator(s)
Alicia Jackson Biomedical Engineering College of Engineering Nutrition Effects on Meniscus Fibrochondrocytes
Francesco Travascio Industrial Engineering College of Engineering Effect of body composition on human biomechanics and physiology during manual material handling tasks  Eduard Tiozzo, MSOM - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Fuwu Zhang Chemistry College of Arts & Sciences Albumin-binding responsive polypeptides for the delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics  
James Englehardt Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering College of Engineering Demonstration of Ultra-Energy Positive Electrocatalytic Net-Zero Water Treatment  
Kenneth Feeley Biology College of Arts & Sciences A Longitudinal Study Using Historical and Modern Plant Samples to Test for Acclimation of Tropical Trees to Climate Change  
Lena Mueller Biology College of Arts & Sciences Enhancing mycorrhizal capacities to increase nutrient uptake and stress resilience in Citrus
Moataz Eltoukhy Kinesiology and Sport Sciences School of Education and Human Development Validation of a Novel Artificial Intelligence-assisted Video-based Gait Analysis Tool for Parkinson’s Disease Patients in Minority Populations
Odelia Schwartz Computer Science College of Arts & Sciences Understanding contextual influences in vision with deep neural networks  
Oliver Bracko Biology College of Arts & Sciences The role of neutrophils in microvascular dysfunction in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease  
Shane Elipot Ocean Sciences Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Simulating a new ocean observing system for monitoring global mean level changes

Investigator Department School  Proposal Title  Co-Investigator(s)
Michael Touchton Political Science College of Arts & Sciences Policy and Peril in Latin America: Evaluating Covid-19 Responses in 19 Countries
Amanda Doss Psychology College of Arts & Sciences Advancing trauma treatment through the integration of Trauma-Focused CBT and measurement-based care
Batya Elbaum Teaching and Learning School of Education and Human Development Variation in Preschool Children's One-on-One Interactions with Teachers During Free Play
Louise Davidson-Schmich Political Science College of Arts & Sciences Gender, Crisis, and Leadership: Possibilities and Perils for Women Leaders
Lynn Perry Psychology College of Arts & Sciences Simulating COVID-19 transmission from social movement in preschool classrooms: An interdisciplinary perspective on curbing pandemics Chaoming Song, Physics
Nicholas Metheny School of Nursing and Health Studies School of Nursing and Health Studies “A Feasibility Study of Sweat-Derived Biomarker Collection in Latino Men who Have Sex with Men"
Nicholas Petersen Sociology College of Arts & Sciences Book on “Racial In(justice) in Miami’s Criminal Justice System”
Soyeon Ahn Education and Psychological Studies School of Education and Human Development Toward Unbiased, Inclusive, and Representative Scientific Research: An Examination of Intersectionality Analytic Models Using Monte Carlo Simulations
Spencer Evans Psychology College of Arts & Sciences The Child, Family, and Community Research Network
Kallia Wright Communication Studies School of Communication A communication protocol for social support: Verbal and nonverbal communicative strategies for Black/African American women and Black Caribbean immigrant women with postpartum depression

Criteria for Evaluation
  • Scholarly, scientific, and/or creative merit
  • Likelihood the work will lead to major publications or externally reviewed scholarly or creative activity
  • Prospect the work will result in successful applications for extramural funding
  • Qualifications, experience, productivity, and promise of the applicant
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