Provost's Research Awards


Provost's Research Awards 2015

Internal funding programs are designed to foster excellence in research and creative scholarship at the University of Miami. The Provost’s Research Awards provide both salary support and support for direct research costs.
Internal Awards for Coral Gables and RSMAS Faculty

The awards are classified into three categories based on discipline: the Max Orovitz Research Awards in the Arts and Humanities, the James W. McLamore Research Awards in Business and the Social Sciences, and the Research Awards in the Natural Sciences and Engineering.

2023 Highlights

2023 Awardees

Investigator Department  School Project Title  Co-Investigator(s)
Bejarano, Martin Studio Music & Jazz FROST School of Music The Purple Project  Nicole Yarling, Music Media & Industry
Johnson, Alan Vocal Performance  FROST School of Music 21st Century American Opera Scenes for Performance 

Investigator Department School Proposal Title
Alterman, Valeria  Management  Miami Herbert Business School Work and non-work triggers to pay-related conversations at work

Investigator Department School   Proposal Title
Alles Torrent, Susanna  Modern Language & Literatures College of Arts and Sciences  Life Writing and Biographical Constructions in Fifteenth-Century Iberia
Chattah, Juan Theory & Composition  Frost School of Medicine Film, Music, Language, Numbers: Concealed Meanings, Hidden Messages 
Devine Guzman, Tracy Modern Languages & Literatures College of Arts & Sciences  Transcontinental Indigeneity: Linking the Americas and the Global South (On National and Indigenous Identities in the Gran Chaco)
Gautier, Amina English College of Arts & Sciences  Revising Chestnutt: The House Behind the Cedars 
Gondra, Ager Modern Languages & Literatures College of Arts & Sciences The Effects of Language Revitalization and Standardization on the Ideology of Minority Language Speakers: A Case Study of Basque
Husayn, Nebil  Religious Studies College of Arts & Sciences Reimagining Islam: Muslim Modernists Between Faith and Doubt 
Lane, Christina Cinema and Interactive Media School of Communication  Naughty Ladies: How Bette Davis and the Women of Warner Bros. Upended Hollywood 
Parker, Kunal  School of Law  School of Law  Black Citenzenship in Antebellum America 
Rosenberg, Jessica English  College of Arts & Sciences Shakespeare's Second Nature 
Sawafta, Suja Modern Languages & Literatures College of Arts & Sciences The Dialectic of the Sea and Desert: Exile, Commitment, and Dissent in the Novels of Abdulrahman Munif
Schifani, Allison  Modern Languages & Literatures College of Arts & Sciences Deep Dives in the Digital Flatlands: Close Reading and Shallow Aesthetics

Investigator Department School   Proposal Title  Co-Investigator(s)
Captain, Burjor Chemistry  College of Arts & Sciences Sustainable Catalysts for Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Reactions
Celick, Nurcin  Industrial Engineering  College of Engineering  Artifically Intelligent Decision-Making for Resilient Smart City Microgrids (AID-GRID)  
Crawford, Douglas Marine Biology & Ecology Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric & Earth Sciences  Eco-Evolution of the Rocky Intertidal Marjorie Oleksiak, Marien Biology and Ecology 
Huang, Chun-Yuh College of Engineering  College of Engineering Role of Hippo Pathway in Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis  Zhipeng Meng, Pharmacology
Moniruzzaman, Monir Marine Biology & Ecology  Rosensteil School of Marine, Atmospheric & Earth Sciences Resolving Host Specificity of Marine Giant Viruses Through Deep Metagenomic Sequencing  
Oehlert, Amanda Marine Geosciences  Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric & Earth Sciences Fish Carbonate and the Paradigm of Marine Calcification: Implications for Atmospheric CO2

Martin Grosell, Marine Biology and Ecology

Rachael Heuer, Marine Biology and Ecology

Investigator Department School  Proposal Title  Co-Investigator(s)
Antonaccio, Olena Sociology  College of Arts & Sciences Violent Conflict Exposure and Its Negative Consequences: A Follow-Up Study in Ukraine Robert Johnson, Sociology 
Curley, Cali Political Science College of Arts & Sciences Embedding Equity in Policy Design: Equitable Enforcement of COVID-19 Mandates
Dale, Sannisha  Psychology College of Arts & Sciences  Brain Health, Intersectional Discrimination, and Resilience Among Black Women Living with HIV James Galvin, Neurology
Gao, Xue Political Science College of Arts & Sciences Inequitable Impacts of Energy Efficiency Programs and the Potential Policy Solutions
Grapin, Scott Teaching & Learning  School of Education & Human Development  Computational Modeling with Pre-Service Teachers to Address Systemic Inequities Faced by English Learners in K-12 Education 
Heller, Aaron Psychology College of Arts & Sciences Identifying the Psychological and Neurobiological Mechanisms that Predict Persistence in STEM Marc Knecht, Chemistry
Hummel, Calla Political Science College of Arts & Sciences Trans and Nonbinary Rights in America
Moise, Imelda Geography & Regional Sciences College of Arts & Sciences An Interactive Multilingual Mobile Phone Text-Messaging Platform for Brief Alcohol Intervention in Pregnant Women 
Morgan, Susan  Communication Studies School of Communication Improving Communication Practicies of Clinical Research Coordinators with African American and Black Caribbean Patients

Tyler Harrison, Communication Studies

Kallia Wright, Communication Studies 

Nelsen, Matthew Political Science College of Arts & Sciences There Goes the Gayborhood! Social Dominance and the Limits of Self-Affirmation
Petersen, Nicholas Sociology College of Arts & Sciences Do Progressive Prosecutors Increase Crime? A Quasi-Experimental Analysis
Pischedda, Costantino Political Science College of Arts & Sciences Competition Neglect and the Puzzle of British and French Appeasement
Rueda Saiz, Pablo School of Law School of Law Explaining Divergence in Transnational Legal Mobilization in Amazonian Indigenous Campaigns Against Oil
Touchton, Michael Political Science  College of Arts & Sciences Public Participation and Tax Compliance: Evidence From Kenyan Counties
Wang, Haoluan Geography & Regional Sciences College of Arts & Sciences Socio-economic Inequality in Flood Risk Exposure, Risk Belief Heterogeneity, and Preferences for Adaptation Strategies 

Criteria for Evaluation
  • Scholarly, scientific, and/or creative merit
  • Likelihood the work will lead to major publications or externally reviewed scholarly or creative activity
  • Prospect the work will result in successful applications for extramural funding
  • Qualifications, experience, productivity, and promise of the applicant
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